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Protect Creators, Protect Rhode Island’s Economy, Protect Copyright. Say “No” to S2514 and H 7508.

Rhode Island
Rhode Island

Protect Rhode Island’s creative economy.

S2514 and H 7508 are bills that aim to devalue literary works and undercut the royalties available to authors – directly harming their ability to earn a living from their craft.

Anti-copyright forces are working in state legislatures across the country, and especially Rhode Island, to jeopardize intellectual property through dangerous attacks that are unconstitutional.

The U.S. Copyright Act stems directly from the U.S. Constitution and grants authors and creators of all kinds the exclusive rights to their creative expression, including, especially, the right to make it available to the public through a variety of licensing terms and business models. S2514 and H 7508 undermine this construct and violate the U.S. Copyright Act and Constitution.

Without these copyright protections, the enormous contributions that American authors and creators make to global culture, education, innovation, and a free and open democracy, would be threatened.

Rhode Island legislators: Protect our creative economy and say “NO” to S2514 and H 7508.

Our Case

The argument against S2514 and H 7508.

Protect Rhode Island’s Creative Economy

Local software industries contribute $1.573 billion to U.S. GDP.

Local music industries contribute $413.5 million to U.S. GDP.

Local television contributes $2.10 billion to U.S. GDP.

Protect Rhode Island’s Creative Workforce

Local motion picture and television industry support 1,259 direct jobs and 448 production related jobs.

Local software industry supports 10,844 direct jobs and 21,365 jobs in total.

Local music industry supports 9,771 jobs.

Local television supports 4,400 jobs.

Local app economy supports 15,550 jobs in the computing workforce.


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