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Protect the Creative Economy.

The Protect the Creative Economy coalition includes authors, journalists, artists, musicians, filmmakers, publishers, booksellers, small businesses, and other concerned citizens and organizations. We are united in protecting the creative economy and in preserving the rights and livelihoods of authors, artists, and other creators in the face of unprecedented, unconstitutional attacks.

Starting in 2021, a series of nearly identical, restrictive licensing bills were introduced in various state legislatures across the country – part of a coordinated effort by well-known opponents of copyright to weaken essential protections that allow authors and creators to license, control, and be compensated for their work. Each and every bill has ultimately been rejected or declared unconstitutional.

Pursuant to their statutory copyright interests, authors, publishers, and other rightsholders make critical balancing decisions about the timing, pricing, and formats of the works they publish, in order to ensure a return on the creative investments and their long-term financial viability.

In turn, decisions like these affect the livelihoods of many other small businesses that service the industry, like booksellers, printers, manufacturers, truckers, and warehouses, making these bills aggressively anti-business.

The proposed state licensing bills are aggressive: they would violate the exclusive rights of authors, creators, and publishers, and replace them with government-controlled terms and rates, which is in conflict with both longstanding federal law and the international treaties that govern creative industries. This puts the entire creative economy – and all connected businesses – in danger.

Despite previous legislative failures and rejection by the Courts, the same anti-copyright interest groups continue to advance new bills that attack authors, creators, publishers, and small businesses by attempting to dictate licensing terms and circumvent federal law. They are purposely and recklessly pushing unconstitutional bills that are in conflict with the U.S. Copyright Act, international laws, and common sense.

That’s why the coalition is working to defeat this extreme legislation and prevent the harm they would inflict on American creativity, innovation, and our broader economy.

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